Coin Flip AR

The Worlds First Augmented Reality Coin Flip App

Sometimes, you just need to flip a coin. But do you have one?

Not to worry! Coin Flip AR has all your decision-making needs covered, all while using the latest in Augmented Reality technology. People say it's impressive.

Just #LetTheCoinDecide - you'll be happy you did!

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Flip Your Coin in AR

This is the first iPhone App that uses Apple's Augmented Reality Technology. Hold the future in the palm of your hand.

Record Your Decision

Tap to start video recording your coin flip. Speak your mind. Tap where you want the coin to flip. The decision is made.

Send To Everyone

Share your #LetTheCoinDecide moment with others by iMessage, email, or social media - or save to your photo library.

How Flipping a Coin Can
Help You Change Your Life

A recent scientific study asked individuals who couldn't make up their minds to toss a coin to decide. People flipped coins to decide on both life-changing and minor decisions (such as getting a divorce or changing hair colour). "Heads" meant that the person needed to make the change (e.g. go through with the divorce). What were the results?

  • The coin actually drives change

    Individuals whose virtual coin turned up heads were 25 percent more likely to make a change than those whose coin flip yielded tails.

  • The coin was a motivating force

    Based on what they reported in two follow-up surveys over a six-month period, the nudge of a coin toss was just what these participants needed to change.

  • People were happier after a change

    Regardless of their responses to the coin tosses, participants who decided to make a change reported that they were substantially happier than those who did not.


Share the decision with your friends...

When you record your coin flip and share it on social media - tag it with #LetTheCoinDecide. Other people can react - offing support, feedback, or just having a laugh with you. You might be surprised just how many people you can share your coin flip with...

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What Do People Say?

Coin Flip AR is getting amazingly positive reviews from the Reddit community!

Just spent way too much time on this thing, good job OP! This is my first AR app so I’ve been messing around with childlike glee how it interacts with surfaces in my room. Harvey Dent would be proud, lol!
This is an absolutely revolutionary leap in software!
Love it! Keep up the good work. It’s crazy how good AR is, especially on the iPhone.
Just spent way too long of my evening flipping a coin in my lounge room. Once I’ve submitted this comment I’m going back for more. Awesome app, can’t wait to see where you go with it.

At a Glance...

Coin Flip AR is the first AR app on the App Store that allows you to flip a virtual coin of your own design on any surface in the real world around you. Share your coin toss video with others by text, email, or social media!

  • - 760 icon designs to customize both heads and tails
  • - Choose silver or gold coins
  • - Works in portrait or landscape mode
  • - Record your coin flip with video and audio
  • - Save and share the coin toss with friends!
Free On The App Store! Just #LetTheCoinDecide